Yung Miami insists that no man ever paid her $250,000 for anything.

Yung Miami Calls Cap and Says the Internet Will Run With Anything

On Thursday (March 28), Yung Miami hit up X, formerly known as Twitter, to dispute Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones’ recent claims that Diddy paid the City Girls rapper to be his sex worker. Caresha responded to an X user who brought up Lil Rod’s lawsuit claims that Diddy would offer people in his circle $250,000 in cash to do his bidding.

“Y’all be going for ANYTHING,” Yung Miami declared in the tweet below.

“You for that 250k a month,” an X user responded.

“Something the internet made up and yall ran with it!!!” Yung Miami snapped back. “N***as don’t even pay that for child support why tf would a n***a ever pay me 250k for. FOR WHAT??”

Yung Miami Offers Receipts

Yung Miami also pushed back on claims she transported “pink cocaine” for Diddy. On Thursday, Miami also used photo evidence to show she was not with Diddy on the day in question. Caresha had been accused of giving Diddy the drug prior to his performance at Virginia’s Something in the Water music festival back in 2023.

One video proved that Miami was getting fitted for her Met Gala dress in New York on the night in question. Another video is timestamped on the same day that shows Miami enjoying Diddy’s set from her TV in New York.

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See Yung Miami insists no man ever paid her $250,000 below.

See Yung Miami Insist No Man Ever Paid Her $250,000

Yung Miami Insists No Man Ever Paid Her $250,000 and Internet Just Makes Things Up



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