Dean the Dream adds a new page to the psychedelic rock history with his new album Hitchin’ It to Heaven. The Detroit-born poet confesses that, “The story of Hitchin’ It to Heaven is mostly my attempt to discuss the different sorts of lives, secrets and stories that live within the gay community. As we become more visible and gain more acceptance, it’s important to tell the stories—even the not so pleasant ones—to further gain understanding. Progress is important, but it’s not always easy.”

Released on July 29, 2022, Hitchin’ It To Heaven, includes the songs “Kiss Me Kill Me,” “It Hurts Me,” “Dying Staying Alive,” and the lead single “Goodbye, Danny.” The unique sound of the 7-track album is the outcome of different styles mixed together. Blending genres like Blues, Grunge, and Old School Rock & Roll, Dean the Dream tells the story of a heartbroken boy, who is now looking for ways to heal himself and find love again. 

Dean the Dream believes that psychedelic rock is all about transition and reimagining a sound or a style from the past as something new or different. Idolizing Black Sabbath and Elvis Presley for their unapologetic and gallant attitude, the “Goodby Danny” singer is inspired by artists who are fearless and aren’t afraid to express themselves boldly. He respects people that follow their heart without thinking of the consequences. The revolutionary star would love to collaborate with Orville Peck, Lana Del Rey and Valerie June.

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