Ludd proudly presents the Official Music Video for his new single, ‘Insomniac’

When asked to describe his songs, Ludd has called them “alternative hip hop with a melodic twist.” His repertoire includes his most popular recent release, “Insomniac,” which recently appeared on Dbl3 Lyf3 Entertainment. Mixed and mastered at Studio Crash in Philadelphia, the single also features beats by Canada’s own Omito.

“Omito sent me the beat and I went bananas on it,” Ludd writes.

“Insomniac” by Ludd continues to garner widespread critical and fan acclaim. His general tone and style on the track have made it a resounding success with a variety of audiences, but particularly among fans of the East Coast’s hip-hop underground.

“I’ve been making music since I was a kid,” Ludd writes of his rising career. “It first started as a hobby and when I received a lot of positive feedback from my music, I started taking it very serious. I started out doing showcases in the Philadelphia area just to get my music heard.”

This humble start exemplifies Ludd’s work ethic and tenacity, but his aims in music are more lofty than humble. Even when he’s shooting for the top, though, he still has the best interests of his community in mind.

“I recently signed with an indie label called Dbl3 Lyf3 Entertainment in early 2019,” he writes. “I wanna be the voice for all the kids growing up who have dreams of making it big in life.”

To his listeners new and old, Ludd says: “No matter what people say to you, never give up. With enough hard work and dedication, anything is possible.”