6ix9ine has responded to Ariana Grande in a new post on his Instagram account. In the new video shared on IG today, the "Gooba" rapper showed an old video of himself in the Brooklyn home he grew up in.

On Monday (May 18), Tekashi further explained where his issues with Billboard giving Justin Bieber and Grande the No. 1 spot on the Hot 100 chart for their record "Stuck WIth U" came from.

In the caption for his new post, 6ix9ine wrote, "All I’m saying is I worked super hard to make it out of Brooklyn NY. I speak for the millions of kids who aren’t as fortunate as you. The millions who weren’t fortunate to be on T.V.. LIFE is REAL when you’re on welfare LIFE is REAL when you grow up with out a father. You don’t know what that is like. You say for me to be humble …. I don’t think you know what humble is………. YOU ARE VERY TALENTED AND BEAUTIFUL GOD BLESS YOU. But you will NEVER UNDERSTAND MY PAIN."

Tekashi attempted to clear the air with Ariana in the IG clip, noting her vocal skills and talent. "Ima make this video to address Ariana," he began. "I don't want you to think that I am coming at you. Not saying that you no talented. Not saying that you can't sing. You're a beautiful singer. You just don't understand my pain. My frustration is for Billboard. I speak for the millions of kids that come from nothing."

As the minute-long clip continues, the 24-year-old rapper goes on to show the difference between Ariana's upbringing and his own with old footage of Grande as an actress on two Nickelodeon series.

Within the same video, 6ix9ine displays the home he shared with his family while detailing how he and his mother struggled to make ends meet. "All of this we come from the same place right," he explains. "This is where I came from before all of this fame. This is actually the home where me and my moms, my brother and his girlfriend, my girlfriend and my daughter lived. This is the first computer I bought to learn how to edit videos myself. I spent the last couple of dollars I had buying this shit."

The "Fefe" rapper's latest comments come after Ariana addressed 6ix9ine's claim that her team cheated their way to a the top spot on the Hot 100 this afternoon. In response to Tekashi's allegations, Ariana said via Instagram, "I didn’t have a number one for the first five years of my career and it didn’t upset me at all because from the bottom of my heart, music is everything to me. My fans are everything to me. i promise i couldn’t ask for another fucking thing."

Tekashi's new song, "Gooba," debuted at No. 3 earlier today.

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