R. Kelly's third attempt to be freed from jail and given bail due to the coronavirus scare has been shot down.

The jailed R&B singer has been trying to argue he may be prediabetic and should be allowed to go free on bond while he awaits trial for multiple cases. On Friday (May 15), a Brooklyn judge rejected Kelly's third attempt, citing multiple reasons. On top of the seriousness of his crimes, authorities believe the singer is a high flight risk.

Though there have reportedly been confirmed cases of the deadly virus at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, where Kelly is being housed, the judge is also not buying Kelly's "prediabetic" justification.

"I have found that the defendant has not presented compelling reasons for his release under section 3142(i) in part because he is not uniquely at risk for contracting severe illness from COVID-19," Brooklyn Federal Judge Ann Donnelly wrote in her decision. “I do not agree that a diagnosis of prediabetes presents a compelling reason for the defendant’s release. While the CDC has identified diabetes as a risk factor for COVID-19, the same is not true for prediabetes, a condition that affects nearly one in three American adults.”

R. Kelly first attempted to cite COVID-19 as a reason he should be released back in April. The same judge rejected that attempt and another follow-up request shortly afterward.

Kelly is facing federal cases in Illinois and New York including charges of sex trafficking, sexual abuse and producing child pornography. The trial date for his sex trafficking case is set for Sept. 29.

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