Three months after Eminem issued his #GodzillaChallenge, Twista has finally responded to the Shady dare.

Rappers have had plenty of time on their hands as they wait out the coronavirus on self-quarantine, while shows and tours have been cancelled. On Friday (May 29), Twista decided it was time to tackle Slim's #GodzillaChallenge, which urges fans to see if they can rap the words to Em's "Godzilla" single as fast as the rap god.

"I feel like rapping fast today #GodzillaChallenge," Twista tweeted on Friday morning. "I’m going to do this #GodzillaChallenge in under a min and put it right out," he added.

A short time later, he posted himself doing the challenge with a twist. He rapped an original verse to track. The veteran Chicago MC spits flawlessly, completing his lines in around 40 seconds, seemingly with no effort at all.

"Wheeew kinda slowed it up so y’all can hear what I’m sayin 😂😂 #GodzillaChallenge #eminem #twista #legends," he captioned the video. ‬

Twista isn't the first rapper to take part in the challenge. Bizzy Bone, Biz Markie and more made attempts shortly after Shady issued the challenge earlier this year. On March 18, Eminem crowned a winner for the challenge, which was done in conjunction with TikTok.

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