(AllHipHop News) 

There are now six more women that maintain they were taken advantage of sexually by T.I. and Tiny.

The revelation comes as numerous others have made similar accusations to which the couple has steadfastly denied any wrongdoing.

Theses new alleged victims have come forward to attorney Tyrone A. Blackburn, a New York-based lawyer that already represents several women levying heinous accusations at the celebrity couple.

The new claims were made by Blackburn to The Daily Beast. The lawyer has already called for an investigation  in California and Georgia, where the alleged victims claim they were assaulted in a myriad of ways, including sexual assault, unsolicited drugging and more.

“If I was a prosecutor, I’d have brought charges already,” Blackburn said. The charges also include a man that claimed the famous pair made “terroristic threats” to him.

In a previous press conference, Blackburn laid out his case.

“I understand that at a virtual press conference today, attorney Blackburn claimed the Harrises reached out to him through me to supposedly make a deal. That is patently false,” Steve Sadow told AllHipHop.com in a statement.

“I reached out to see if he would share any information since his name was posted on Instagram as the attorney for Sabrina Peterson. Blackburn repeatedly refused to provide the names of his accuser-clients or any corroborating or supporting evidence of his groundless claims. The Harrises repeat that they are confident if a thorough and fair investigation is conducted, no charges will be brought,” Steve Sadow concluded.