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Meek Mill and Jay-Z have finally ended a legal war with an ex-Philadelphia police officer, who sued the rap star for putting her image in the documentary “Free Meek.” 

Saqueta Williams filed a lawsuit against Meek, Jay-Z and Roc Nation because she was highlighted in an episode called “Filthadelphia,” that noted she was on a list of corrupt police officers with credibility issues, within the police department.

Williams was placed on the list for allegedly pulling her gun during a fight in a North Philly bar. However, she was acquitted of any wrongdoing and she sued Meek, Jay, and Roc Nation for labeling her as crooked a cop. 

Willams was trying to sue for defamation and invasion of privacy, but the court battle is over. 

Yesterday (March 18th), Meek and Jay-Z agreed to end the legal war by settling with Saqueta Williams, who is voluntarily dismissing the lawsuit.

“The above-entitled action has been fully settled, adjusted and compromised, for good cause shown, it is hereby ordered and decreed the above-entitled action be, and is hereby, dismissed with prejudice conditioned upon the payment to the plaintiff by the defendants the agreed upon settlement amount,” according to court documents. 

The exact amount Meek and Jay-Z had to pay Williams was not revealed and a judge still has to sign off on the settlement, which has been agreed to by all parties.

“Free Meek” recounts the saga of Meek Mill’s fight for freedom against unscrupulous Philly police officers during a 12-year stint on parole for gun and drug charges, from 2008. 

Meek’s sentence was eventually overturned and he was released from prison in April of 2018.