Azealia Banks is going in on Beyoncé‘s country album rollout and blaming Jay-Z‘s “corny” strategies for what Banks sees as a missed opportunity to do something meaningful.

Azealia Banks Blasts Beyonce and Jay-Z

Beyoncé recently announced “Act II” of her Renaissance album, Country Carter, will be coming out o March 29. On Tuesday (March 19), Azealia Banks weighed in with her thoughts on the upcoming LP.

“Wow we didn’t even try to put even a little effort into a more artistic title?” Banks wrote on her Instagram Story, which can be seen below. “Sis I live for whiteyonce Donatella Bianca Bardot DOWN, But I’m kind of ashamed at how u switch from baobab trees and black parade to this literal pick me stuff.”

She continued: “Like u do lame stuff like bring out some black listed white women (Dixie chicks) at the country music awards and they would never ever do the same for you. Ur always sharing ur platform with white women who are so jealous of you but have such a long history of sabotaging other black womens careers. There was so much more pertinent culture commentary to be made here.” 

Banks went on to blame Jay-Z.

“Ugh I’m so saddened by Jay-Z and his overstrategizing everything beyonce to the point where it’s clearly his influence and not the real Bianca Bardot,” she continued. “Someone tell Jayz his strategies are corny and beyonce has better ideas.”

Banks is no stranger to calling out Beyoncé. In the summer of 2022, Banks blasted Bey and claimed the musical superstar was trying to erase Banks’ contributions to house music with the release of Renaissance: Act 1. In 2018, Banks claimed Bey steels from other artists.

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Beyoncé Unveils Album Cover

Banks’ complaints come on the heels of Bey unveiling the album cover for her upcoming LP, which features Hov’s Mrs. sitting atop a white horse holding an American flag.

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Check out Azealia Banks’ commentary on the upcoming Beyoncé album Country Carter below.

See Azealia Banks Call Out Jay-Z and Beyoncé

Azealia Banks calls out Beyonce.



Azealia Banks calls out Beyonce.



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