50 Cent has been challenged by Benzino to settle their differences “mano a mano” in a celebrity boxing match. 

The G Unit boss has been mocking Benzino on Instagram over his alleged relationship with a transgender woman. Clips of the former The Source magazine owner talking to Shauna Brooks surfaced online, and people began speculating that the pair were in a relationship. Benzino firmly denies having any romantic relationship with Brooks and claims the clips were edited in an effort to smear him. He said he once starred in a movie with her and the conversation occurred years ago.  

However, 50 Cent took the opportunity to roast Benzino in multiple Instagram posts. Despite addressing Fiddy’s claims during a conversation with QueenzFlip, Benzino has had enough and wants to settle it in the ring. 

Benzino Challenges 50 Cent To Step In The Ring

Benzino has teamed up with fight promotors, Celebrity Boxing and is calling out Fiddy to come and fight him.  

On Wednesday (Apr. 20), Celebrity Boxing shared a video of Benzino signing his fight contract and calling out 50 Cent. “You wanna be a man about things, step in the ring,” he said, directly to Fif. “Because that’s where men settle they differences. F### all that internet s###. Step in the ring, mano a mano.”  

After signing the contract, he raises his arms to flaunt his muscles before repeating the call to 50. “What we doin’?,” he demands.   

The promotor also addressed 50 Cent, letting him know they already have a date locked in for the fight, he just needs to sign on the dotted line.  

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According to the caption, cryptocurrency entrepreneur Rodney “Bitcoin Rodney” will host the event scheduled for June 11.  

However, it appears 50 Cent ignored the challenge and continued with his trolling campaign on Instagram. He uploaded a screenshot from Shauna Brooks’s Twitter account. 

“👀There must be a lot of this going on,” he penned in the caption before tagging Benzino.