Cardi B caused some confusion amongst her followers on Wednesday night (Apr. 20) when she posted a voice note claiming that recording her new song “Shake It” was “activating demons” from her past. 

In the now-deleted voice recording, Cardi B becomes emotional as she explains she never wanted to record a drill song because she knew the effect it would have.  

“I’ve been having these weird feelings lately,” Cardi begins. “That’s kinda why I didn’t want to do this song, “Shake It’ or any drill song.” 

She continued, “These songs are activating these demons that I killed. I don’t wanna be that girl anymore. I just wanna be a mother,” Cardi said, her voice trembling with emotion.  

Belcais then claimed she did want to be “that old Cardi” anymore and that she left that “lifestyle” behind her. “I don’t wanna be that anymore and she’s coming back,” she said.  

She reiterated that she wants to be a mother but “the song is activating demons that I locked away a long time ago. I don’t want to be that, I want to be a good person,” Cardi B declared before sniffling into the microphone.  

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While Cardi B later deleted the post, it was of course screen recorded and seen by many of her online followers before she took it down. Some responded with concern for the rapper, while others assumed she was joking.  

When the Tidal attempted to give Cardi an Oscar for her acting skills via a meme of the famous gold statue, she doubled down somewhat. 

Cardi fired back a meme of her own, the smiling face of influencer and comedian Radel Ortiz. “I was being deadass,” she replied.  

Cardi B
I was being deadass


4:54 AM · Apr 21, 2022

Cardi B Gets Sturdy

Whether or not Cardi was trolling, she certainly appeared to be having a good time while recording a TikTok for the song.  

“Lmmmaaaaoooooo …This is all I could give you…SHAKE IT,” Cardi wrote in the caption for the TikTok. 

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Earlier on Wednesday, Cardi B heaped praise on one of her “Shake It” collaborators. “I’m so proud of Kay Flock!” she tweeted. “Pulling over 1.7 million views in the first day on his video as an up and coming artist is big! BX stand up! 

Cardi B dropped the Bronx Drill anthem “Shake It” last week, which also features Dougie B and Bory300. Watch the video below.