Drake has been granted a three-year restraining order against the “stalker” who he claims harassed him for years.  

His history with Mesha Collins dates back to at least 2017, when she was first arrested for trespassing at his Hollywood Hills residence. She also attempted to file a $4 billion defamation suit against him. Then, after that lawsuit was dismissed, Collins tried to file a restraining order against Drake.  

Now, according to reports, a judge has ordered Collins to stay at least 100 yards away and stop contacting the singer and his family. 

29-year-old Collins was not present at the court hearing on Tuesday (Apr. 19). However, she will be served with the order after it was determined that she was “given timely and proper notice” to explain her side of the story to the court.  

In March, Drake was granted a temporary restraining order back to protect him from Collins. Her communications with the rapper purportedly include her instructing Aubrey to “put a bullet through your head now b####,” in one email.  

Drake Has Had Enough

“Ms. Collins is a stalker,” Drake noted in his petition. “I have no relationship whatsoever with her. I am concerned that giving notice would prompt Ms. Collins to attempt to come to my home or harm me, as her behavior is escalating from merely suing me to wishing me dead.” 

However, earlier this month, his attorney filed court documents stating the harassment was continuing. He claimed Collins was not only still harassing Drake but him too, as his lawyer. According to reports, Collins threatened to “invade [Drake’s] home again” if she didn’t get her a new home and vehicle.  

“Please ask him to help me get a Brand New House and Car as my birthday is on April 29th. I will have no choice but to invade his home again. Please! I Love Him and need money,” she allegedly said.