Blac Chyna insisted she didn’t point a gun at her ex-fiancé, Rob Kardashian, in 2016 as she testified during her trial against the Kardashians on Wednesday.

When she took to the witness stand at the Los Angeles Superior Court, the model, real name Angela White, was asked about the abuse allegations Rob made against her in 2017.

He claimed she pointed a gun at his head and tried to strangle him with a phone charger cord at his half-sister Kylie Jenner’s house in late 2016.

During her testimony, the 33-year-old alleged she took Rob’s gun from the dresser while he was on FaceTime with his friends. She insisted she was simply “being silly,” and nobody was alarmed by her actions.

“It was not loaded,” she testified. “I would never shoot Rob or anyone at that. It was just joking, like, ‘HA, HA!'”

As for the phone cord, Chyna alleged she “jokingly” wrapped it around Rob’s neck to “get his attention” while he was playing video games.

Rob’s mother Kris Jenner was present in court, as was Kylie and the 35-year-old’s older sisters, Kim and Khloe Kardashian. Chyna is expected to give further testimony today (April 1st).

She is suing the four defendants for defamation and illegally interfering with her contracts. The TV personality claimed Kris falsely accused her of physically abusing Rob in an attempt to smear her reputation and end her reality TV career.

Blac Chyna is seeking $100 million for loss of past and future earnings over the cancellation of her reality series “Rob & Chyna.”

Rob and Chyna, who shared a five-year-old daughter named Dream, split in 2017. The show ran for one season in 2016.