Joel Embiid from the Philadelphia 76ers believes it’s “God’s Plan” for him to get a championship ring, especially after beating the Toronto Raptors during Game 3 in the playoffs.

With 2.5 seconds remaining in the hard-fought overtime, the score 101-101, the Cameroonian hit a buzzer-beating 3-pointer with less than 1 second on the shot clock.

Michael K-B
An absolutely epic shot from Embiid


4:51 AM · Apr 21, 2022

Embiid had no problem talking crap to Drake, one of the Raptors’ most prominent supporters, about the win.

Rightfully so. According to Sixers forward Tobias Harris, the Champagne Papi was heckling the baller.

Harris said, “In the first half Drake was over there saying [Embiid] can’t play here. I said, ‘He can play here, for sure.’ [Drake] was like, ‘Nah, he can’t play here.'”

So, at the end of the game, when walking past the celebrity floor-seat ticket holder, he returned the troll.

He said to the rap star, “I thought you were a superstar. Get you’re a## on, I’m coming for the sweep,” he joked.

House of Highlights
Embiid tells Drake he’s coming for SWEEP after win. 🤣🧹 (via @caro_line_em_up)


5:07 AM · Apr 21, 2022

He then told the Billboard history maker that he better be at the next game, where he plans to win the 7-game series with a classic 4-game sweep.

Drake, smiling after his team’s defeat, said he would be there. This ought to be good. 

According to sports journalist Michael Kaskey-Blomain, “No team in NBA history has ever lost a series after building a 3-0 lead.” Hopefully, the Sixers won’t make history.