DaBaby is fighting back after receiving a felony assault charge for beating up a senior citizen during a music video shoot. 

He shared a new video apparently showing Gary Pagar, the man he and his crew allegedly put hands on, repeatedly dropping the N-word. The footage is supposedly taken at the mansion where the alleged beating happened in December 2020. The man in the video paces back and forth while screaming “f###### n######,” among other obscenities.  

The North Carolina rapper added some context to the video, writing: “On today’s episode of ‘Let’s Make DaBaby Look Like a Bad Person’ we have Gary Prager.” He then called Pagar a “PROUD white supremacist” and accused him of “lying to TMZ & LAPD. Not knowing that he’s caught on camera.” 

DaBaby continued, “These are the type of people y’all validate & let assassinate DaBaby’s character.” He also accused Prager of spitting in his face, though the footage does not show this.  

“Look what somebody just sent me👀 Y’all keep believing these Hollywood hustlers 🤷🏾‍♂️, DaBaby wrote in the caption. “Y’all might as well get a rope help em hang our black ass on a tree! ✊🏻 Ima leave y’all wit


DaBaby Claims Pagar Lied To Cops

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The rapper picked up a felony assault charge after he allegedly punched Pagar in the mouth, knocking out his tooth. Pagar rented his property for DaBaby to film a video there but discovered he was violating the rental agreement. Members of his entourage allegedly stomped and kicked Pagar before taking his phone to prevent him from calling the cops.  

The incident with Pagar is the rapper’s most recent brush with the law, following a string of other violent encounters. Last week footage emerged of the fatal 2018 Walmart shooting involving DaBaby. He claimed he acted in self-defense and said authorities had already viewed the video.  

In addition, another clip surfaced of DaBaby punching his own artist Wisdom backstage at a concert in South Carolina.