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Check out this new single titled “Good Intentions” by 24-year-old indigenous MC, Influsense. Its the first single off his Six Sense, in which Influsense invites his listeners first-hand into his lyrical ceremony. This song depicts the overwhelm we are faced with in our daily life and the choices we all must make to survive our existence. Track is produced by Ariano.

As a youth, Influsense had the experience of living in Phoenix, AZ and on the reservations of Montana and New Mexico. He is currently living in Durango, CO. His mother is from the Salish Kootenai Flathead Tribe and his father is part Diné and Filipino. With a direct lineage to Hastiin Chʼil Haajiní (Chief Manuelito) of the Diné People, there is no question this young MC is destined for great things.