Jade Latrice is a rising R&B artist from Chicago who is quickly making her mark on the music industry. Her latest single, “The More” is a deeply moving song that captures the bittersweet emotions that arise when pursuing personal growth and leaving loved ones behind. In a recent interview, the young singer shared that her music is deeply personal, reflecting her own life experiences, and that her authenticity sets her apart from others in the genre. 

When asked about the inspiration behind “The More,” she revealed that it stemmed from her own personal experiences of pursuing her dreams. Her song touches upon the emotional turmoil of leaving a loved one behind while also emphasizing the significance of mutual understanding and following one’s aspirations.

In her upcoming EP, Latrice aims to reveal her vulnerable side, delving into her personal struggles to further connect with her listeners. Her music emanates a soulful, emotional quality that draws from her life experiences, inviting her listeners to immerse themselves in her expression.

Latrice sees herself fitting into the music industry through streaming and continued growth. She acknowledges that it is ever-evolving with the emergence of independent releases and AI technology. Nevertheless, she is determined to release her songs on multiple platforms to expand her reach and further advance her career.

Jade is an artist to watch in the R&B genre thanks to her distinct sound that blends deeply personal lyrics with raw emotion. Her soulful voice, boundless potential, and authentic approach to music distinguish her from the rest, establishing her as a force to be reckoned with and paving the way for a substantial impact on the industry.

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