KidIsLive is proving his sharp skills in a new light on his latest release, a major track titled “Symphony,” an inspiring listening experience, as we find ourselves in the chaotic situation triggered by the coronavirus. Born to a Brazilian mother and a German-American father in San Diego, KidIsLive started DJing as a teenager, inspired by some legends of the electronic music scene like Ricardo Villalobos and John Digweed. His taste for versatile sonic designs, often sharing vibes that blend deep progressive house feels, have given him a special status among DJs, producers, and electronic music artists. 

In 2016, KidIsLive launched his own label, Local Raider Records, through which he has released four tracks to date. 

“Symphony” and its majestically beautiful soundscapes will undoubtedly find its audience and help cement the rise of one of the most promising Djs of his generation; KidIsLive.