A Lil Durk look-alike was dragged into the beef between the Chicago rapper and Tekashi 6ix9ine in an orchestrated “ambush.” 

The Brooklyn rapper posted a video on Tuesday (Apr. 26) of his meeting with Durk’s look-alike who goes by the nickname Perkio. Tekashi is seen taking a jacket out of a bag before draping it over Perkio’s shoulders. He then makes sure to show the camera the back of the jacket, which has an image of Lil Durk’s late cousin, King Von. While Perkio appears unaware of the image on the back, he is visibly uncomfortable with the situation.  

6ix9ine, who recently took a shot at Lil Durk in the “GINE” video, tagged him in the caption and wrote: “I had a gift for the bro ❤️ @kingvonfrmdao your n##### ain’t never gon slide but they definitely rep you all day on tshirts.” 

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Several other videos of the encounter began emerging on social media and Perkio took to Instagram Live, claiming that he was bamboozled. 

Lil Durk Responds 

However, it appears Lil Durk was otherwise engaged and didn’t see any of the drama until late on Tuesday night. “Brooooooo I just not seen this s### today on the internet,” he tweeted. “This s### crazy everybody calling and texting me we went #1 again thank y’all lol 😂” 

Brooooooo I just not seen this shit today on the internet this shit crazy everybody calling and texting me we went #1 again thank y’all lol 😂


4:57 AM · Apr 27, 2022

Meanwhile, Perkio explained that he had arranged to meet a YouTuber and was uncomfortable when the rapper and his entourage showed up.  

“His crew, he had a lot of n##### around him too,” Perkio said. “Like, they all came, and then, there was that jacket. And then they start throwing, like, everybody ambushed me, literally. Like, he threw the jacket on me. Like, this n#### was pressing his arms right here. He was pressing and then I’m like, yo, I was looking at him.” 

He also stated that he previously made clear he didn’t want to be in any video with Tekashi or be involved in any Lil Durk trolling. “Before that, I was like, you know, I don’t want to do no video with 6ix9ine,” Perkio continued. “None of that. I said I don’t want to disrespect OTF, I don’t want to disrespect Durk, I don’t want to disrespect nobody. You feel me?” 

Watch the Lil Durk impersonators’ live below.