“Gucci Gang” rapper Lil’ Pump has joined the adult-content pay-per-view site OnlyFans and promises his fans that he will deliver some super explicit content. 

Now, fans can see him do freaky things for the low. According to The Blast, he took to his Instagram to announce the news.

The outlet stated that Pump shared an image of himself with a sexy woman in incredibly erotic positions. His account on Instagram has been wiped clean, and now his fans may be forced to sign up to check him out on OnlyFans.

The account is called “Pumps Play House,” and he says he will get to “do whatever the f### I want.”

His rep shared that the rapper is now the latest celebrity to sign with the Unruly Agency, an elite influencer and social media marketing group.

The company believes, “His loyal fanbase will now have exclusive access to never-before-seen content, unreleased music, and the wild, behind-the-scenes life of Lil Pump.”

“Nothing is off-limits as the Miami native takes on this new venture and lets loose in a way he never has before, so fans can prepare for jaw-dropping photos and videos,” the promise.

The brand continues, “Although the musician has shown a glimpse of his personal life on Instagram, OnlyFans will become the best place to keep up with his wild antics and live vicariously through his adventurous and fun-filled lifestyle.”

Currently, Lil Pump is offering a subscription sale for his fans. The “Limited offer” is 65% off for 31 days of his regular $19.99 a month. Fans get to look at his sex-capades for $7. The deal ends on Monday, April 4th.