Chicago rapper Polo G’s mother, Stacia Mac, who doubles as the artist’s music manager, linked up with three women through the “Find Her Way Bail Bond Project.” 

The rap star’s mom donated $20,000 to help get women who are “low level” offenders get out of the Cook County Jail.

According to Fox 32, the inmates they are helping cannot afford the bail bonds on their own.

Mac said on behalf of the group, “It was important for us to see, not repeat offenders — if you will — but people who probably made a mistake and just needed a second chance.”

In an interview with 107.5 WGCI, she spoke with host Keke about why they chose to do this project in March.

“So, I partnered with Ronniesha, Princess (another entrepreneur from Chicago), and Justice Stamps, a community activist from a long line of activists — her mom is the legendary Marion Nzinga Stamps,” she revealed.

“In Women’s History Month, we always focus on those who have made it, if you will, who are making extreme strides, right?” she said. “But you can’t forget those women that need a second chance, that need more assistance.” 

“I feel that it takes a village, and once you’re in that position then you give back and you help to elevate those women to the level that they need to be on or the next level.”

Five women she and her colleagues helped to get to the next level were released from jail on Wednesday, March 30th, and more will be free to see their families on Thursday, March 31st.

The “Find Her Way Bail Bond Project” supporters are hoping to get more female inmates freed on bond by Mother’s Day.