A man recently recored himself almost getting into a fight with Yella Beezy in a parking lot.

Video of Yella Beezy Argument Surfaces

On Tuesday (Feb. 13), video surfaced of a man recording himself getting into a confrontation with Yella Beezy outside in front of what appears to be an office building. In the video, which can be seen below, Beezy is standing near the passenger door of his SUV arguing with the man.

“All you gotta do is come up here,” Beezy tells the man.

“We can go over here, right in the grass. I’m right here,” the man responds to the Dallas rapper. “I’m naked,” he adds informing Beezy he is unarmed.

“I ain’t gon’ shoot, all you gotta do is come over here,” Beezy responds.

Beezy, who was arrested in 2021 for a gun charge, eventually walks toward the man and urges the man to throw the first blow. “Come swing on me first,” Beezy repeats while getting in a fighting stance.

The man notices a bulge in Beezy’s pants that appears to be the outline of a gun and refuses to take the bait.

“I see the gun in your pocket, cuz,” the man responds. “As soon as I swing, you gon’ up it ’cause you scared of a White boy.”

The rapper eventually gives up and walks back to his car before the video ends.

It is unclear what the beef was over. 

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Beezy Addresses Video

Yella Beezy has since responded to the video on social media. On his Instagram Story, he shared a clip of the video where he appears to throw a punch at the man. In a follow-up post, he added the words, “Why he ain’t post that part?”

“Undefeated my ahh,” he added.

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See video of Yella Beezy almost getting into a fight with a man in a parking lot below.

Watch Yella Beezy Get Into a Tense Confrontation

See Yella Beezy Address the Confrontation

Yella Beezy



Yella Beezy



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