Meek Mill is dropping Vory from Dream Chasers Records after the singer was seen on leaked security footage threatening his girlfriend.

Video Surfaces of Vory Threatening to Kill Girlfriend

On Wednesday (Feb. 14), Vory’s girlfriend Jane Daugherty intentionally leaked security cam footage on social media and accused the Lost Souls artist of domestic abuse. In the video, Vory is clearly seen intimidating Daugherty, at one point saying, “Janae, I will literally get you killed, for real, in real life.”

Following the leak, Daugherty shared her thoughts on Vory’s behavior on her Instagram Story, which was captured by The Neighborhood Talk.

“Vory you are a disgusting person,” Daugherty wrote in part. “You want to paint me out to be this wh*re/bad person when it’s you!”

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Meek Mill Drops Vory From Dream Chasers Records

Meek Mill got wind of the clip and didn’t hesitate to drop Vory from his label Dream Chasers. He hopped on X, formerly known as Twitter, and accused Vory of dodging his calls. Meek said anyone who behaves in that way to a woman is not a part of his label.

“This guy is not a dream chaser!” Meek wrote. “He has a mental problem! We cutting ties we don’t care how ya music sound…. He been ducking my calls for months telling people I’m threatening him… stopped alot of people dude ‘he is not dreamchaser!”

He continued, “I’m disconnected from all these wild a*s people while it’s lit out here! Life kinda serious hold your folks tight! Everytime somebody in the a rob him he call me and I gotta politely call people I rock wit to asist him while he biting my back… I rather disconnect from people like that… yall people out here manipulating everybody gonna suffer that’s a bad game to play!”

Vory most recently appeared on “Dead Last” and “Grandiose” on Meek Mill and Rick Ross’ 2023 album Too Good to Be True.

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Vory Responds to Domestic Abuse Allegations

After the video leaked, Vory appeared to issue a long statement on his Instagram before deleting it shortly after. In his alleged response, which was captured in a screenshot by Gossip of the City, Vory accuses Daugherty of being a “wh*re” that would get “passed around by certain individuals intentionally.” He claimed Daugherty slept with “80% of athletes” in “every sport” before they even met.

“Admitted to my mom of sleeping with 3 men in the same month my son was conceived and thats why i always had doubt he was mines,” Vory wrote in part. “It’s been lies from the jump & to make things worse more than half of these men she slept with unprotected which makes it even more nastier. But she gets on social media s**t like she’s so holy and close to God and such a great person. I’ve been allowing my name to get tornished for far too long.”

After appearing to delete this statement, Vory then dropped off his new song “Why Lie.”

“Perscription bottle full you should take it easy mama/Percs and Xanz what you got trouble sleeping mama?/Probably from all them n***as sleepin’ on ya,” Vory raps.

XXL has reached out to Vory’s team for comment.

See Meek Mill and Vory’s response to the leaked security camera footage below.

Watch Vory’s Leaked Security Camera Footage

See Meek Mill’s Response to Leaked Vory Footage

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Meek Mill/X


Listen to Vory’s “Why Lie” on Spotify

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