Peg Luke, a highly acclaimed composer and multi-instrumentalist, who has been nominated for Grammy and Emmy awards, re-released her enchanting track “The Lord’s Prayer” from her 2019 album Psalm Space. This touching composition was created as a heartfelt tribute to her late mother, and with great emotion, she has crafted a soul-stirring piece that provides solace to anyone who has experienced the profound sorrow of losing a loved one.

“I chose to reissue “The Lord’s Prayer” at this time because it is timeless. The message of Jesus’s prayer stands alone. And when do we not need a prayer of forgiveness and love?” says Luke, adding, “Psalm Space as a project is a legacy piece for me and I feel more people need this healing message that brought me to compose such a huge piece of literature. I am drawn to the Psalms and I always consider reissuing any of the songs that I composed for this project.” 

In discussing the creative process behind “The Lord’s Prayer,” Peg shares that she had not anticipated creating this particular piece. It was her mother’s recitation of the prayer during the final days of her life that inspired Luke to create something truly remarkable. Despite her sadness, the musician was in awe of her mother’s unwavering faith, which remained steadfast despite the hardships she had faced throughout her life. 

“Grief and loss are a part of life. There is no getting around it. What makes us stronger, builds our character.  Having God in our lives is a healing element that goes beyond words. God’s healing power is essential to knowing that we are truly loved, no matter what has happened in our lives.  “The Lord’s Prayer”, I feel, is one of the closest ways we can receive God’s testament for our lives. Who does not want to be healed?  Who does not want to be forgiven? Who does not want to be loved?,” explains the artist.

Peg remains committed to staying true to her “invisible inspiration,” as she calls it, and strives to capture it on the page. While her Christian music may not always be the latest or most exciting, she hopes it will endure beyond her lifetime. Luke believes that she has been given an unwritten gift that can touch souls in need of love, healing, and forgiveness. In addition to new singles, the talented composer is currently collaborating with Grammy-winning producer Neal Merrick Blackwood on a 2023 Christmas project that will feature both classic and original melodies.

Listen to “The Lord’s Prayer” here: