This is the 2nd EP from Brooklyn emcee, singer & producer Q-Unique. Emerging as 1/4 of the Arsonists & the lead singer of the 3-man hard rock outfit Stillwill, he’s also built up impressive solo discography for himself since the Uncle Howie Records-backed Vengeance is Mine nearly 2 decades back at this point. He would follow it up the previous decade with Between Heaven & Hell alongside BlaQ Coffee and The Mechanic, but is returning after nearly 5-years to have Stillwill bassist Fieldy of KoЯn fame to produce Pound for Pound in full.

“Thank You” by Stillwell starts off the EP with a cinematic boom bap instrumental by showing his gratitude the best way possible whereas “I Believe It’s Getting Better” is a opener ballad about a young brother being put on hold. “Torch Them All” is a Bollywood/boom bap hybrid grabbing the automatic from the corner store just before “Free” keeps it in the basement as far as sound goes talking about being imprisoned by his own thoughts. The song “Danger Room” takes a more menacing approach sonically robbing suckas for their bounty while the penultimate track “Blackout” hooks up some synths, kicks & snares being on his kung fu hustle. The ominous closer “Knevil Reeves” ties up the EP making it known that he has plenty of gas left in the tank.

As someone who loved Vengeance is Mineduring his adolescence, it’s most certainly safe to say that Pound for Pound will quickly go down as the best EP in Q’s catalog & one of his best solo projects ever. The production that he & Fieldy cook up is the most consistent batch of beats that he’s hopped on top of in a while as the Brooklyn lyricist sounds incredibly-laser focused proving that he’s still got it lyrically after all these decades in the game.

Score: 8/10