This is the 4th full-length album from Las Vegas producer, rapper & fashion designer Shaggytheairhead. Peaking my interesting after producing one of my all-time favorite Ouija Macc songs “Nardwuar Glocc” back in 2018, he would back that up with 4 EPs before becoming an in-house producer for Chapter 17 Records & Psychopathic Records alongside his Mythic Mindz cohort Devereaux. Shaggy dropped his last album Wakin’ Up during the 21st annual Gathering of the Juggalos, which was the only Gathering I’ve ever been to & a weekend that I’ll never forget. As far as the actual music on Wakin’ Up, it’s my favorite of his thus far because of how much he improved his lyricism & that he dabbled with a wide range of sounds to show his influences. Following the Gathering of Dreams last summer however, he dropped a producer album called Grin to the Grave featuring a wide range of artists rapping over his production from Ouija to King Iso, Project Pat, Sir Michael Rocks & even Matt Ox. But coming off the sophomore effort Coffee this past February & even the personal Blood Sweat Tears last weekend, Shaggy’s continuing to apply pressure with Lazy & Crazy.

“6 Foot Killa” starts things off with a minimal trap instrumental letting it be known exactly what people should be calling him whereas “Bang” takes a more grimy boom bap route talking about how he’s feeling good in this type of scenario & that we’re gonna get a heater as soon as you hear his producer tag. “Nice List” shifts gears into rugged territory thanks to Devereaux saying he’ll fuck you up if you’re talking shit leading into “Same” pulling from cloud rap & trap talking about skating.

On the other hand, “Beef 2” blends a delicately mellow loop & hi-hats together cautioning that those fuckin’ with the Mythic will get their wigs split just before “Old News” featuring Jake G gives off a more uncanny trap vibe talking about getting faded & that they ain’t ever gon’ stop. “Clock In” tries giving off a wavier approach to the beat encouraging listeners to dream big every single day, but then Devereaux hooks up these synths & hi-hats on “Alone Sometimes” so the Airhead can talk about the loneliness that he feels every now & then.

Chapter 17 Records’ newest signee Darby O’Trill & the Duke of the Wicked himself Violent J both come into the picture for “Greaper Shorts” flexing that they have 5 pairs of the titular shorts over an organ-laced trap instrumental while “Fe Fi Fo Fum” has a more occult feeling sonically talking about how he thinks people should be running from him since he’s out here killing shit. “Pause” has an icier sound to it asking if anyone feels alone or if they’re constantly getting the bone while “Sucker Stick” jumps top of some skittering hi-hats shoving exactly that in the earholes of his haters.

“Family All Around Me” has a more vibrantly aggressive tone getting rowdy as soon as he steps up in that bitch while “Sorry Not Sorry” gives off a bleaker trap sound talking about this shit being fire even though others could call it trash. The song “PBR” despite its brevity is a cool, psychedelic ode to the titular brand of beer that I personally enjoy as well while the penultimate track serves as a more synth-based sequel to the eerily raw “Street Trash” off Darby O’Trill’s 3rd album Piecemeal. Crowd” though tends to be a shimmery trap closer hoping those don’t know by now eventually will.

The C17/PSY in-house producer has been on a ROLL in 2023 by completing the trilogy that Sleepin’ In started & Wakin’ Up bridged with Coffee back in February on top of Blood Sweat Tears giving listeners a better look at who he is personally, but I went into Lazy & Crazy expecting it to be a soundtrack to his clothing brand of the same name & it’s a genuine one at that. It’s more summer oriented musically, the features a slight cut above Blood Sweat Tears’ & you can just tell the dude’s having more fun with it this time.

Score: 8/10