Sheek Louch is dishing out some advice to Young Thug, telling him to rid himself of the people around him and accusing the YSL rapper’s co-defendants of snitching on him.  


The Lox member shared his thoughts during a VladTV interview while discussing his latest single. He opened with an explanation of why he called the track “Loyal or Stupid.”  

“I’m definitely talking from a different age right now,” Sheek Louch began. “I’m a hundred years old, Vlad, so my definition of keeping it real is different maybe right now than what it was back then, you know what I mean? So loyal or stupid is ‘Don’t be loyal to these dudes that’s not really loyal to you,‘ man. Or even to themselves.”  

Vlad directed the conversation to the YSL RICO case and claimed “loyalty is being pushed and questioned” in Hip-Hop currently. He referenced the various plea deals taken by Gunna and others ahead of Young Thug’s upcoming trial.    

“Listen, I think it’s all the way horrible,” the Yonkers rapper stated. “Whatever you’re involved in, man, if you’re not gonna go all the way with it, man, it’s no place for that kind of s###, to even…how can I say this? To snitch.”  

Sheek Louch Tells Young Thug: “Stop Relying on These Other Guys”

Sheek then offered Young Thug some advice. “I would get rid of all these m############ around you,” he offered before adding, “Take whatever they’re gonna give you. Stop relying on these other guys, man, they’re not down with you. How about that?”  

Sheek then admitted he doesn’t know the YSL rappers well enough to speak to the events surrounding their case but added Young Thug was likely caught off-guard by the plea deals.  

“From what I’m seeing, it’s crazy,” Sheek Louch stated. “I know he’s sitting back and being like ‘G#######, we was homies.’ Right?”  

Ultimately, the “Money, Power & Respect,” hitmaker claimed the deals made Young Thug’s case more difficult to fight.  

“If everybody would’ve just shut the f### up, nobody would’ve been in that much trouble. I mean, they know what they know, of course. We know that, right? But still, it’s no space for n##### talking, man. That’s just making everything worse. That’s why they separate you, they give you separate lawyers, they do all that kind of s###. It’s crazy. I don’t even know Thug like that, but God bless you, bro. It’s f##### up for you.” 

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