Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes infamously torched the $1.3 million home of former Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Andre Rison in 1994. The two had been entangled in a toxic relationship that included multiple domestic violence arrests, and she evidently had enough that day.


#ThisDayInGAHistory in 1994 Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes set fire to her boyfriend’s, Atlanta Falcons WR Andre Rison, house in the Country Club of the South near Alpharetta.

In a recent interview with The Art of Dialogue, Rison added an extra layer to the story. Rison admits to having several women inside the home at some point. When Left Eye, who was already intoxicated, showed up later that night, she was ready for a fight. And as the saying goes, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” But Left Eye had an escape plan—and it apparently involved 2Pac. Rison claims the All Eyez On Me legend came to Left Eye’s rescue the night she committed felony arson.

“I assumed that was already planned,” Rison said. “I just looked outside and there was a limo outside. She was getting in the limo and the door cracked. When the door cracked, it was obvious. There were other people outside, too. Everybody seen everything, but it was all good. I was already disengaging.”

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It’s no secret Left Eye and 2Pac had a close friendship, but it supposedly never went any further. Still, Rison wasn’t convinced. Rison said his boys confirmed Left Eye was talking to 2Pac while on tour with TLC. After 2Pac picked her up that night, he never looked at him the same again.

“I drew the line ’cause I had partners like that before, but this was a unique situation,” he added. “Coming up and you’re the guy, it’s hard to cheat. It’s hard to be in the public eye and have a different chick on your hip every week. A lot of guys don’t. A lot of guys go the mistress route. But the tables is turned just as much. What you do to a woman, a woman can do to you just as fast—or even quicker.”

TLC capitalizing off of Left Eye burning Andre Rison’s home will forever be iconic. I don’t care. #HopelesslyInLove

Rison, who dated Left Eye off and on between 1994 and 2001, says neither one of them had “stepped out” at that point, but once 2Pac showed up in that limo, that “solidified” his suspicions.

Speaking to VladTV, Outlawz rapper EDI Mean confirmed Left Eye had a unique bond with 2Pac, which perhaps led to some jealous feelings on Rison’s side.

“Pac and Left Eye had a special friendship, they did,” he said. “I’ve always heard that Left Eye was a firecracker herself, another Gemini. Everybody that I know always said they could see why they were attracted to each other because they were kind of like two peas in a pod and Left Eye spoke about Pac publicly and said that she felt like he was her soul mate.”

Shortly after Rison and Left Eye broke up, her life took a tragic turn in 2002 when she was killed in a car crash while visiting Honduras. Rison, on the other hand, went on to marry Lisa Rison.