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The rap/wrestling crossover that has become somewhat of a regular Twitter interaction in recent months added another chapter this week. Early yesterday morning, Soulja Boy got into an online exchange with former WWE champion Randy Orton.

Following that digital conflict, which trended on the platform for several hours, Soulja then got into a Twitter feud with Lexi Kaufman, aka WWE star Alexa Bliss, yesterday afternoon. Bliss threw the first punch at the 30-year-old former Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood cast member.

“What’s a ‘Soulja Boy’? Well, whatever it is… Randy is not happy with it. #watchmeyuuuuuu,” tweeted Bliss. SB fired back by posting a gif of the female wrestler doing his famous “Crank That” dance. He added, “Hey Lexi, it’s this dance you’re doing.”


“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt’s on-screen accomplice responded, in character, by tweeting, “Yowie wowie! That’s your dance!? I was doing that to mock Asuka. (a bad a## champ. FYI)… But… I mean hey, lemme know if u need help choreographing your next video… I also throw temper tantrums in pigtails if u wanna use that too.”

Soulja Boy simply quote-tweeted Bliss’s response with a gif of his viral 2019 moment on The Breakfast Club when he stood up from the table and yelled “Drake” at the hosts for suggesting the OVO leader was the biggest rapper in the world.

Professional wrestling has jumped back into the mainstream public’s consciousness since the start of 2021. Other celebrities – like Snoop Dogg, Cardi B, Bow Wow, and Bad Bunny – have been involved with sports entertainment promotions in some capacity. Additionally, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is set to wrestle in a tag team match tonight (March 3) on AEW’s Dynamite television show.