Drake’s It’s All a Blur Tour – Big as the What? is getting weird. At his most recent concert stop, Drizzy brings out a man dressed as a dog to join him onstage.

Drake Brings Out a Dog Which Turns Out to Be a Man

On Saturday (March 9), a video hit social media featuring Drake performing at his It’s All a Blur Tour – Big as the What? and bringing out a dog while he performs his 2010 track “Laugh Now Cry Later.” In the clip below, Drizzy is seen petting the dog while he’s entertaining the crowd. At one point, the furry animal appears to give Drake a paw gesture that resembles a thumbs up.

While concertgoers might have assumed that the huge canine was some a futuristic robotic toy, it was actually a man who was dressed in a dog costume. Apparently, every night a person jumps into the canine suit and pretends to be a dog onstage with Drake.

The strange dog act might serve as a connection to Drake’s 2023 project For All the Dogs, although it’s remains unclear why Drizzy is bringing out fake animals on his tour.

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Drake Slimes a Fan on His Tour

Drake is also keeping things messy on his sold-out tour.

Last month, a video popped up on social media featuring a fan sitting in a chair and Drake activating a button that would release a bucket of slime directly on top of the person’s head.

“Rich, I’m sorry my brother, I’ll love ya. I’ll get back at you at another time. I’m sorry brother,” Drake said before the fan got drenched in green slime from the huge vat.

Apparently, the slimefest took place at his Nashville, Tenn. stop on Feb. 8. Check out the video below.

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See Drake bring out a man dressed as a dog on stage during his tour below.

Watch Drake Perform Next to a Man Dressed as a Dog on His Tour

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