Rapper Tory Lanez, who was accused of beating up reality star Prince from “Love & Hip Hop,” has asked a judge to dismiss the case. 

The singer/rapper believes he did nothing wrong and was justified claiming he acted in self-defense.

The two men were involved in a fight at the LIV Nightclub on Nov. 8, 2019.

Prince, whose real name is Christopher Harty, filed a lawsuit in 2020 alleging the Canadian artist “verbally antagonized” him and “attempted to engage [Prince] in a verbal confrontation.” 

He is also said the artist’s security, on Tory’s command, jumped in and assaulted him, causing him physical, psychological, and mental distress “from blunt force trauma” to his neck, chest, and back.

The VH1 star said another Tory Lanez employee attacked him at the Vendome Nightclub in May of 2021. Prince was hanging out with Malcolm Butler in a VIP area of the club. 

When Prince was alone, Tory Lanez allegedly went on the offensive and attacked the reality star. Prince ended up with a headache and a swollen mouth. 

Prince is seeking unspecified damages. But Tory’s team says the altercation was an act of self-defense.

According to RadarOnline, Tory has answered the claim by saying, “A person is justified in using or threatening to use force against another when and to the extent that the person reasonable believes that such conduct is necessary to defend himself or another against the other’s imminent use of unlawful force.”

He asked a judge to dismiss the lawsuit because they allegedly agreed to square up.

The judge has not responded with a ruling.