Em NYC-native indie-pop singer and songwriter delivered an album that channels catchy tunes as it lingers in your head for days. The 7-tracked collection is a life story of a young artist who has gone through changes and is extremely sensitive but not afraid to expose her vulnerability. Em boldly shares her experiences as she builds poetic lyrics and shows us her writing talent, and presents herself in a humbling way; a young woman with a big heart. Her immense sensitivity is visible not only when it comes to her lyrics, but also during her vocal performances that she absolutely delivers. Musically, her album EM is an impulsive sound fusion of bedroom pop, soul, R&B, and lofi, where the artist matches the mood and vibe to the message she is  trying to address. After diving into Em’s debut album, make sure to watch the visuals to the single ‘Say What You Mean,’ which she released earlier this year.