Vishisdead is a moniker for Port Macquarie’s very own Emo Hip-Hop star. Love, Lust, Heartbreak, Grievance – it’s all covered sonically by Vishisdead. His first major release ‘Anxiety’ via Renegade Records set the 20-something year old on a trajectory that is ever climbing. With over 4 million views on massive YouTube AMV channels and over a million streams on Spotify with Editorial and Algorithmic support Vishisdead is a go-to outlet when you just need to hear a sad rap song.

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“Never Been Enough” is a captivating collection of songs that seamlessly blends somber, melancholic pop and infectious hip-hop. Each meticulously crafted track within this EP serves as a conduit for a variety of profound emotions, intertwining layers of neon-shaded gray that resonate deep within the soul.