From the heart of St. Louis, WISEMARY, an All-American rock ensemble, has unleashed a new force in the world of rock with their latest single, “Drunk Cigarette.” This track marks a significant milestone for the band, representing a shift from their initial days of classic rock covers to a more refined and authentic sound under the mentorship of Grammy-nominated superproducer Carl Nappa.

“Drunk Cigarette” is a raw and poignant exploration of love, loss, and the haunting remnants of a past relationship. The opening verse, “Slam the last shot of rum, I can’t see / Smoke fills my lungs, and I can’t breathe,” sets a somber and introspective tone. The song delves into the struggles of letting go, metaphorically likening a former love to a ‘drunk cigarette’ – addictive and ultimately regretful.

The band’s lead singer, Zach Rehagen, brings a unique blend of emotion and grit to the track, his voice perfectly encapsulating the turmoil and longing inherent in the lyrics. The synergy between Ryan Litteken on bass, Carson Kilo on lead guitar, Andrew Martin on drums, and Evan Gay on rhythm guitar creates a soundscape that is both powerful and haunting.

WISEMARY‘s journey, from captivating local audiences in St. Louis bars and clubs to creating their self-titled debut album, is a testament to their dedication and evolution as artists. Their diverse influences, ranging from Jimi Hendrix to Fleetwood Mac and My Chemical Romance, are evident in the depth and complexity of “Drunk Cigarette.” The song is a fusion of the members’ eclectic tastes, combined with the rich blues, alternative rock, and hip-hop heritage of their hometown.

The single resonates with the energy and spirit of WISEMARY‘s live performances, which have fascinated audiences at venues like Arrowhead and The Pageant in St. Louis. “Drunk Cigarette” encapsulates the intensity and raw power that the band brings to the stage, promising an electrifying experience for their listeners.

With “Drunk Cigarette,” WISEMARY not only cements their place in the rock genre but also showcases their growth as musicians capable of capturing complex emotional narratives. The track is a bold statement from the band, reflecting their journey from covering legendary hits to creating their own. It stands as a beacon of their talent and potential, signaling the arrival of WISEMARY as a significant force in the rock music landscape.

As fans eagerly await their upcoming debut album in 2024, “Drunk Cigarette” serves as a compelling preview of what’s to come. WISEMARY is not just a band; they are storytellers, musicians, and rockers, ready to leave an indelible mark on the music industry.