Yang-Baby ‘s musicality shines bright in his latest release, “Nono,” where he skillfully fuses Latin and hip-hop elements to create a truly unique and captivating sound. In a recent interview, Derkaiser shares insights into the creative process behind the follow-up to  “Mercedes Benz” and “Mami Dance.”

As a songwriter with a thirst for diversity, Yang-Baby sought to magnify a simple idea that originated from a piano note. Collaborating with the talented producer Dr. Anton, they experimented with various musical elements, searching for the perfect blend that resonated with the essence of the song. The journey led them to an electric guitar, infusing warmth into the track and allowing the beat to come to life. 

To maintain the essence of the rap part while incorporating Latin rhythms, the team cleverly divided the song into two main sections. This approach allowed Yang-Baby and his collaborator Lisa to seamlessly weave English and Spanish lyrics into the narrative, enhancing the storytelling and emotional impact of the track. 

The infusion of salsa instruments, such as compass maracas, bongos, claves, and timbales, on the hook and bridge added a touch of South American and African rhythms without overpowering the rap element. The result is a melodious blend that captures the listener’s attention and offers a memorable musical experience. 

Through “Nono,” Yang-Baby Derkaiser showcases his evolution as an artist, fearlessly exploring new territories while embracing diversity. The fusion of languages and musical styles demonstrates his commitment to creating songs that transcend borders, appealing to a global audience with an infectious and enchanting chorus that lingers in listeners’ minds.

Listen to “Nono” here: