Queens, New York-bred Frank Vanegas had an incredible passion for Hip-Hop starting from a young age. As the artist had a tough childhood, he lingered in major criminal activity that resulted in him being sentenced to 30 months in Federal prison. While he was detained, he went through some harsh and life-changing experiences which resulted in him radically changing his life direction and deciding to take music seriously and make it his number one priority.

Recently, Frank Vanegas dropped his latest hit, ‘Free Fall,’ a song that is filled with raw harmonies, emotions, and depth. The hit is overflown with creativity, as the Colombian American Hip-Hop artist continues to impress listeners with a unique musical blend made of emotions, sincerity, and 2000s Hip-Hop hymns. 

‘Free Fall’ is one of those songs that incorporates Hip-Hop’s musical aspects with indie Pop/Rap vibes. One might feel a sincere sense of nostalgia while listening to the track. It incorporates original instruments and infuses a softer mood from the 2000s. In the track, Frank Vanegas is singing to the girl he loves. He expresses to her that she should follow her goals, not settle for anyone, and continue to pursue her dreams regardless of what circumstances arise. Although this hurts him, he wants the best for the girl he spent many years with. Check out the song below!