Following-up the style of his latest album, PSA dropped earlier in 2020, fast-rising rapper Losk33 teamed up with acclaimed artist Foogiano on a powerful new release, “Lord Have Mercy.” The track offers an extremely entertaining and creative medium filled with rawness, swag, and straight-forward lyricism. The authenticity and emotion poured throughout have allowed the artists to display their full range of skills and talent. 

Losk33 described his inspiration to create the track as a gift from God, claiming, “It was a gift from God. Immediately after hearing the instrumental, something came over me. Ran through it a few more times, put pen to paper, and the rest is history”. 

Rick Rogers Worldwide filmed the music video for the song, replicating the track’s vibe through captivating visuals. The clip is filled with the scenes of the artists enjoying the company of friends, with money in their hands, holding guns, and chilling: a classic for the genre, yet unique in its approach.