R&B singer-songwriter StevenCharles shared the music video for “My Destination,” which is an empowering new single that conveys hope and confidence. With its neon colored lights, split screens, and ‘90s home video filters, the visuals add radiance to the already light-hearted song.

Encapsulating StevenCharles’ contagious smile and smooth dance moves, the clip perfectly depicts the Canadian artist’s bubbly personality. The fresh talent has taken a different direction with “My Destination,” revealing, “It’s the first of many inspirational themed songs, and I hope people can just vibe with the good energy that pulses from the track. When people hear my music I want them to feel moved and encouraged to continue pursuing their dreams.”

StevenCharles explains that “My Destination” is about trusting in one’s potential and believing that things will work out in the end: “You ever wonder why life gets so hard feel like givin’ up somehow you don’t/ Trynna be your best everyday since this is the only life we know/ Everything we want will be ours/ The rainbows and sunshine always come after the showers (yeah)/ And if you give it your all It doesn’t matter if you fall.”

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