Emerging powerhouse in the world of hip hop, Ya Boi L.I.V.E, has recently unveiled his newest release titled “What Chu Working Wit.” The reception from his devoted fan base has been nothing short of positive. This dynamic artist expressed how the song’s relatable and thought-provoking theme has struck a deep chord with listeners, leading to a genuine and profound connection to the single.

When discussing his creative process, Ya Boi L.I.V.E imparts valuable wisdom on how he approaches his solo projects and collaborations. The artist reveals that while he applies a similar approach to both, solo projects offer him an unparalleled sense of freedom and ample space for his ideas to thrive. This artistic liberty enables him to get deeper into his vision without sacrificing the collaborative element.

“I like to think that my style of music is unique, even though I have been influenced by different artists over the years good and bad from 50 cent & Nas to newer artists like Kodak Black or Lil Baby whatever it is i like or dislike about them if I apply it to myself in someway I always try to put my twist on it so it feels and sounds like my original style,” says the rapper.

Ya Boi L.I.V.E has a thrilling array of projects on the horizon. In the wake of the success of “What Chu Working Wit,” the artist is engaged in crafting a series of singles, collaborative masterpieces, and compilation albums. Excitingly, two of these projects are scheduled for release between September and December, promising a vibrant end to the year. Additionally, in the month of July, he has plans to unveil a brand-new line of merchandise, offering fans a stylish way to demonstrate their support.

Watch the official music video for “What Chu Working Wit” below:

Listen to “What Chu Working Wit” here: