zenith.’s music keeps getting better with each new single he releases. His latest masterwork is titled “Changes,” and already marks his third single release this year. He will certainly remember 2022 as a foundational year for his craft since he both launched his career and released 3 singles over the course of a few months, setting the direction for everything to come next. 

The singer-songwriter’s unique skill set allows him to sing and rap, mix genres, and alternate vibes, even within the same track, a special feature that instantly distinguishes him from other artists. 

With “Freddy Freddy,” “Skip,” and now “Changes” he already has a solid portfolio of sounds to enter 2023 with a confident mindset to aim even higher than he did so far. 

Fans’ unanimous response and engagement to his debut tracks show that his public support ecosystem is strong and fast-growing, as he follows in the footsteps of iconic music figures like Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Polo G, Juice Wrld, and Mike Posner.