Drake delivers his top five rappers of all time.

On Thursday (May 14), Drizzy shared his top five rappers in an Instagram comment, including legends like his mentor Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G., Andre 3000 and O.V.O. Hush aka Young Tony. The mention stems from a post Young Tony uploaded to his IG page earlier today, in which he uploaded physical copies of his Deep Pockets mixtapes.

"My top five is Biggie, Hov, Wayne, Young Tony and 3000 since nobody asked," Drake wrote.

hushergram via Instagram

Drake's proximity to his legends closer than most, the 33-year-old rapper has worked with most of them. Jay and the 6 God have collaborated several times. Back in 2009, the pair brought "Off That" to life before melding minds to bring fans "Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2."

With their Young Money ties and Wayne's hand in the inception of his career it's no surprise he has landed in Drake's top five. Their label ties have also made it easy for the two rhymers to collaborate a few dozen times. Together Lil Wayne and Drake have made hits like "Right About It," "The Motto" and "HYFR," to name a few. Drizzy's even managed to nail down a collaboration with Andre 3000 and Tunechi for "The Real Her."

Drake's love for Lil Wayne, Andre 3000 and Jay-Z have amounted in features and new music, but Big and Tony have received their flowers from the "Desires" rapper in a different form.

Drake's love for Biggie has always been apparent, the rapper paid homage to the Brooklyn native's Life After Death album by using some of its complexities to craft his last LP, Scorpion.

"My last album was high volume. I had to sorta like…Notorious B.I.G. put this album out and the ratio of songs versus just important songs was so incredible that I wanted to set a challenge myself, you know," he added. "I hate to age myself, but I been doing this 10 plus years as well. Sometimes you gotta set a little target goal for yourself to keep it interesting."

As far as Young Tony and Drake's relationship, both rappers hail from the same place and Tony has been a long time friend and crew member of the OVO Founder. He's also name-dropped on a few of Drizzy's tracks. "Miss Me" and "Deep Pockets" from Dark Lane Temo Tapes hold special shout outs, Drake even went as far as to name "Deep-Pockets" after two of Tony's early mixtapes.

Drizzy's love for these five men can be found throughout his discography.

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