Ohio-based pop, r&b, and soul singer-songwriter Lo’renzo To’rez has been rapidly rising as one of the most promising emerging artists out there, thanks to his magnetic hit single “Closing The Door,” streamed over 380K times on Spotify alone. To’rez has also released another beautiful single titled “Live Again.” 

“Closing The Door” was recorded in  Randy Jackson’s studio in California in collaboration with Brett Pemberton and Rachel Maloney. About the song, Lo’renzo shares: “The record was definitely inspired by my real life situations, just being fed up with being let down in love and you just let go, you shut down and say ‘hey I’m done and finished, no more, I’m going to do me and just be alone!’ and I think that’s why the listeners relate to it because it’s so real and relatable, which is always the kinda music I want to continue to deliver!”

This universally relatable banger is undeniably one of Lo’renzo’s best tracks to date, as fans now await the ever-evolving artist’s next major hit with unprecedented excitement!