During a recent appearance on Adam 22’s “No Jumper” podcast, the controversial media personality was asked his thoughts on Rory and Mal’s new deal with Stitcher. Particularly as Akademiks has not held back with his critique of the pair in the past. “Even though you was talking s### about Rory and Mal, do you think they trying to s### on you right now?”  

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Not answering the question directly, Ak responded, “We just did ‘Off the Record Podcast’ on Spotify – exclusive with Van Lathan,” he said, referring to his podcast.   

“I’m a student of the game.” Akademiks continued, still ignoring the question. “When I comment on anybody…there’s nothing that I need to comment on, it’s obvious. But I still entertain it because it’s a passion in me.”

Finally addressing the issue at hand, he asked, “Do you think anything the two stooges could do in business anywhere could s### on anything I’ve got going on?” He continued, “If you legitimately look at it on a fair even-keeled level? 

Adam 22 said although he had no idea how much Rory and Mal are making, the comparison with Ak is unfair because he’s been grinding a lot longer. However, he conceded, “What they have accomplished on their own independent of Joe in like the last six months is pretty f###### unreal. Are they on your level? I would say no.” 

When asked if he believes the duo got the rumored $10 million for their deal he said, “If they got $10 million, I got 30,” he said.  

Ak then revealed the players who are really paying out in the podcast game right now. He said Spotify is the most committed and claimed to have walked away from a bigger deal to sign with them.

Watch Akademiks on “No Jumper” below.