Blueface claims his girlfriend Chrisean Rock was detained by cops after she punched him in the face while at a hosting gig in Arizona. 

He took to Instagram in the early hours of Monday morning (Aug. 21) to call for her release. 

“Free Rock,” he said to the camera. “We ain’t gonna ever make the same mistake twice,” he said before adding, “She hit me this time.”  

When somebody off camera asked if Chrisean Rock was taken to jail, Blueface responded, “Security took her. The police took her. What can I do?”  

He then showed a close-up of his face claiming, “She hit me with a banger,” he said. “I aint even do nothing. She be alright. Free Rock,” he concluded. 

A video posted by Gossip of the City shows part of an altercation between them. It begins with someone in the background asking, “Why Blueface beating Chrisean ass like that?” The clip then shows the couple arguing before Chrisean rocks the rapper with a two-piece to the face. Check out the video below.  

Although Blueface and Chrisean Rock looked happy at footage taken from earlier in the day at the Cookout Dayparty hosting, things went left later during the night.  

Just last week, fans shared their concerns over the couple’s toxic relationship after Blueface posted a video of the aftermath of another fight between the pair. 

Earlier this year, Blueface and Chrisean brawled on the streets of Hollywood, with cops reportedly investigating the incident.  

Coincidently, earlier on Sunday, Zeus Network reality show “Baddies South” showed cops arresting Chrisean Rock on an outstanding warrant.