Brittany Renner’s takedown of Myron Gaines and Walter Weekes was so scathing it flipped the script. For once, the hosts of the “Fresh & Fit” podcast gained attention for being on the receiving end of a tongue-lashing, rather than the other way around!  

Their controversial takes on women have garnered lots of attention and they frequently clash with the female guests on their podcasts. Joe Budden recently spoke out against the pair, issuing a lengthy statement after Asian Doll’s viral appearance on the podcast. Budden also addressed Gains’ resurfaced remarks disparaging Black women.  

Britanny Renner is one of the many women in the industry Gaines and Weekes have criticized in the past. The model and author addressed them head-on during an episode of DJ Akademiks “Off The Record” podcast. 

“You said you warn guys about girls like me, so tell me about girls like me,” said Renner. Gaines responded with, “Just women in general…” However, Brittany Renner wanted him to be direct. “Don’t ‘women in general’ ’cause you literally, specifically said before we got on here, you did say that you warn guys about girls like me. So, now that we’re face to face, what kind of girl am I?”  

Gaines responded. “You’re not special. You’re like other girls.” Renner then asked Gaines what made him special and continued when he didn’t have a reply for her. She questioned what he gets from telling girls they’re not special. “How does that make you feel?” she asked. “ ‘Cause if I say, ‘You’re a b*tch ass n*gga,’ that does something for me, right?”   

“If I insult you or if I tell you you’re not special, you’re forgettable, what does that do for me?” Renner went on. Her clap back continued as she told them she turned down their podcast with its “underwhelming” name because it was “forgettable.”  

Watch Brittany Renner Confront The “Fresh & Fit” Hosts Below

DJ Akademiks
Brittany Renner confronts Fresh and Fit podcast


5:02 AM · Jan 20, 2022

While Gaines and Weekes failed to offer up much of a response, the reactions on Twitter were quick to praise Renner.  

@Akademiks Brittany Renner: What makes you special? 🤔
Fresh and Fit:


9:24 AM · Jan 20, 2022

97’ Ma$e
Brittany Renner pulled up to that podcast and them dudes couldn’t keep the same energy 😭 They got bullied in HS and black girls didn’t like them and it still hurts


7:19 AM · Jan 20, 2022

Sam Pt.2 🍥
U know ur down terrible when brittany Renner is telling you how to be a decent human being


7:42 AM · Jan 20, 2022

j pro max
i immediately have beef with anybody that puts me in the position to side with brittany renner.


9:53 AM · Jan 20, 2022

u kno how worthless u are when brittany renner is dragging u ACCORDINGLY?


9:15 AM · Jan 20, 2022

Baby Mama
Ion even like Brittany Renner but I’m so glad someone put them in their place and made them feel dumb. I can’t stand them


8:09 AM · Jan 20, 2022

Akh Miller
I can’t believe Brittany Renner is the hero we needed to start dismantling Fresh & Fit…but it is a joy to watch


9:55 AM · Jan 20, 2022