Covid-19 got us all… our plans changed, our reality is different, and we still don’t know how and when exactly it will all be over. Thanks to many artists who dedicate music to cheer us up, our struggle with the coronavirus outbreak is a little bit more bearable. 

One of the artists who decided to record a piece of lock-down themed music is Traveller, who launched a project named “Virus Going Round.” 

The song is a pure definition of acoustic folk and indie, but Traveller dropped some pop sparkles and created a cheerful and positive track that motivates you to keep going no matter what. 

The song is an entertaining reminder of how we should all behave. Traveller sings ‘Wash your hands / Don’t touch your face / Think twice of going to the public place,’ but then he adds a verse full of hope ‘Don’t give up on the human race.’

If you feel rough and the isolation treats you badly, check out “Virus Going Round,” which will surely brighten your day: