Dylan Joseph confidently continues his journey in music with the release of a brand new music video for his latest release titled “Closer To You”. The young up-and-coming American country singer-songwriter is sustaining the momentum initiated by his previous release, “44,” a deeply personal song that talked about the mysterious events that occurred following his sister’s miraculous recovery from a serious car accident. 

“Closer To You” is a much lighter song, in that sense that it talks about Dylan Joseph’s break-up with his girlfriend while he was still in college, with a song he wrote back then. The emotionality and sensitivity that he reveals on “Closer To You” is truly refreshing, and contrasts with most releases nowadays. 

Dylan is the co-author of the song “Just Friends,” for the YouTube hit show “Malibu Surf,” which got over 10M views on YouTube. The release of “Closer To You,” shortly having dropped “44” is a great way for him to expand his audience and share his distinctively inspiring country music.