Loka Manya Prawiro invites listeners on an engaging journey through Indonesian Jazz with his latest album, “I Love You Evermore.

Featuring tracks like “Passion”, “The Secrets of a Woman’s Heart”, and “The Flower of My Heart,” Loka explores the depths of human experience. Each composition reflects his evolution from a Business Administration graduate to a seasoned musician, showcasing his personal growth and resilience.

The album’s title track, “I Love You Evermore,” originally penned as “Aku Makin Cinta”, captures the raw honesty of enduring love, offering listeners a glimpse into Loka’s emotions.

Throughout the album, Loka seamlessly blends various influences, from uplifting gospel hymns to serene melodies reminiscent of sea waves. Tracks like “A Song to Say Goodbye Mama” and “Missing You so Much” touch on themes of love and loss, echoing Loka’s personal journey of grief and healing.

Loka’s creative process is marked by spontaneity. Each song is a spontaneous outpouring of emotion, guided by the music itself. Drawing on diverse influences, he incorporates modern elements and digital technologies to create an immersive auditory experience.

Beyond the music, Loka’s album highlights the power of creativity and resilience. Through his compositions, he invites listeners to reflect and explore their own emotions, leaving a lasting impact on the world of music.

With “I Love You Evermore,” Loka Manya Prawiro isn’t just creating an album; he’s providing an experience that transcends time and space, promising new chapters of inspiration for years to come.