Multi-talented DJ, producer, and singer-songwriter Cann Zeka has released a brand new piece of musical art called ‘Mirror Mirror’ that is shining, mesmerizing, and definitely a reflective masterpiece.  The recently released track incorporates banging sounds and sophistication as it blends together electro-Hip-Hop synths. 

As the title goes, ‘Mirror Mirror’  Zeka revealed that the track reflects on the duality of life, the good and the bad, the yin and the yang, the struggles with the angel and devil each person deals with inside. 

The song has been crafted to perfection as it showcases Cann Zeka’s endless expansion of musical wisdom and talent. The experimental track has really turned out to be full of life and imaginative for the artist’s highly successful career! And we can’t wait to see what else has in store for us! 

His authentic tone blends together urban culture and electro beats into one universal sound. Zeka has mastered the artwork of perfecting his lyrics which makes him stand out from his predecessors and future descendants. Check out ‘Mirror Mirror’ yourself and hear the sound of an iconic musician.