It seems that YoungBoy Never Broke Again might have had another baby, according to a post on social media.

If this claim is valid, the 21-year-old rapper can proudly boast of being the father of eight beautiful children, surpassing Nick Cannon and tying Future.

One young lady shared that NBA YoungBoy, who has been a daddy for over 1/3 of his young life, is the progenitor of her newborn baby Kaell.

Over the weekend, she posted, “To my first born, I love you so much, I pray god protects you every step of the way. I will protect you every step of the way. You melt my heart, I never knew I could feel this way. I love you stinky fat.”

Fans had mixed feelings on social media. The most positive of the bunch celebrated how much they believe the baby boy looks like the Louisiana native.

NBA YoungBoy allegedly has an eight child who was born in June named Kael. The baby's mother Revealed baby K's first photos


2:56 PM · Sep 27, 2021

This comes just as his manager, Alex Junnier, clapped at YouTube on his InstaStory for not supporting, Sincerely, Kentrell, the rapper’s new music.

Alex Junnier(NBA YoungBoy manger)has announced that YouTube will not promote NBA YoungBoy new music #StopPostingUrBiznessonline #Donthateappreciate #Everybodybizness #OnLineBizNess #onebandonesound #bootzontheground #OnLineBusiness


10:46 PM · Sep 24, 2021

It also comes months after the feds denied NBA YoungBoy a bond in a case surrounding his September 2020 case. As reported by, the authorities believed the rapper to be too “reckless” to be on the street, and he is now asking fans to get the president involved to help him get free.

NBA YoungBoy, as he is often called, has seven other children: Kayden (born July 4, 2016) with Nisha Keller; Taylin (born March 19, 2017) with Nia Loveless; Kamiri (born July 6, 2017) with Starr Thigpen; Kacey Alexander (born February 13, 2019) with Jania Meshell; Armani Monique (born June 19, 2020) with Nisha Keller; Kodi Capri (born November 26, 2020) with Drea Symone and Kentrell Jr. (born January 9, 2021) with Yaya Mayweather, daughter of Floyd Mayweather.

The new child, who does look like him, would fit in perfectly.

That is probably the least of his worries. If he keeps going like this, he might have to change his name. Cause babies will most certainly make you go broke.